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Performing Team was born from the desire to give an identity to this group made up of young dancers who, after having received numerous successes in the international arena, are able to convey great emotions to the public. Performing Team sees its baptism with the SER show, staged in Livorno,  in Spain and Greece. SER, like all the creations of Gaia Lemmi,  it is interpreted exclusively by students of Areadanza, leaving the deserved space to those who worked hard, sewing their own style and thus managing to represent their thoughts.


"To be an artist you have to learn to convey emotions,  

being good performers is not enough ... "


Areadanza Performing Team is composed of

Francesca Blundo, Matilde Gamucci, Anna Chiellini,

Anna Franchini, Vittoria Martini,  Viola Mazzoni,

Chiara Mencacci, Martina Masoni and  Yefferson Pelagatti


Special thanks go to Antheo - floors and equipment for dance halls

who helped make all of this possible


Ser 2020 grecia.jpeg

A heartfelt thanks goes to ours  "stars" started by the Performing Team:


Veronica Gori, admitted  at the DAF in Rome - Artistic Direction of Mauro Astolfi

Viola Bartolozzi, admitted  at the DAW in Florence - Artistic Direction of Eugenio Buratti

Gionata Sargentini, admitted  at the Rudra Béjart in Lausanne - Artistic Direction Michel Gascard


Ma anche a chi ha fatto parte di questo fantastico gruppo, e che adesso interpreta il ruolo della vita:

Martina Masoni, Viola Bartolozzi, Francesca Blundo e Vittoria Martini

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